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We are glad you found your way to our new website. Let us just take a minute to inform you about the people in blue you will be seeing during the election week all around Maastricht University.

DOPE is an abbreviation for “Deskundige, Ongebonden, Pragmatische Eenheid” which is Dutch for Professional, Independent, Pragmatic Unity. We are the largest and most influential student representation party active at Maastricht University. Being the only party active on all but one faculties, we have gained 6 out of the total of 9 University Council seats.

Meet the board

DOPE as a party is represented by the Board. The board currently consists of five people.



We work for students, with students, on topics students find important. In our Faculty Representatives and University Council members, students can find interested people actively working on noticed issues. Plenary sessions of these councils are accessible to all, and we hope you allow DOPE to raise your voice.

Knowledge & experience

DOPE has been representing Maastricht students for over 20 years, during which time we gained a lot of knowledge and expertise. With the support of our alumni members, an information archive stretching back to the early 90’s, DOPE is capable of connecting the dots and making a long-term difference.

Widest range of representation

DOPE is currently the only student representation party that is representing your interests in all but one Faculty Council and in the University Council. Furthermore, we are the biggest student representation party at Maastricht University. Therefore, we are the most capable party to represent your voice.

Professional approach

Part of doing a good job is doing the job good. DOPE is a professional party, not only in our presentation, but also in our work ethics. We demand that our representatives are prepared to the best of their abilities, we don’t take half measures and if we can’t do what is good we don’t do it!

Interested in student participation? Join DOPE!

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The Executive Board is ultimately responsible for the policies of the university, including the appointment of deans, directors and professors. The Board can also initiate new programmes and related research institutes and is responsible for managing finances and other management tasks.

The Supervisory Board supports the Executive Board by giving advice and, in addition, has to approve a number of important documents, including the UM administrative and management regulations, the organisation plan and the budget. The Supervisory Board is accountable to the Minister of Education.

The Board of Deans is the academic advisory body that supports the university’s administrative bodies. Upon request or on its own initiative, the Board of Deans advises the Executive Board and the faculty boards on education and scholarship. The Board of Deans also functions as an informal consultative body for inter-faculty coordination of education and research. The board also awards doctoral degrees and honorary doctorates.