Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences.

This year again, DOPE will be represented at the FHML faculty council elections. We, the six candidates, are committed to the interests of our fellow students.

Firstly, we’re aiming for the acquisition of additional water sources outside of the Randwyck library, where boiling water is also available. Currently, only two water sources are offered, both are inside the library. The added sources would be accessible and spread out throughout the faculty. Additionally, these water sources should offer the possibility for boiling water as this is currently not available for free.

Secondly, in the (para)medical world an eye-catching CV is more and more becoming a necessity. By our influence, students would have more options to participate in research and in other (extra-) curricular activities, internationally and domestically. This could improve internship possibilities. We plan to achieve this by consulting with our university and exploring these options.

Thirdly, we are committed to acquiring multiple resit periods throughout the academic year. Other UM faculties offer these possibilities and we think their methods could serve as inspiration. Avoiding the placement of all resits at the end of the academic year could result in extended summer holidays and a longer break between course periods and eventually improve student life, considerably.

Fourthly, we want to extend the Randwyck library opening hours during exam periods. Our library currently hosts XXL opening hours during exam periods, however these are still limited in comparison with other faculties. We want the same XXL opening hours from the Inner City Library to be applied at our library.

Fifthly, we intend to consult with the faculty board and optimise the allocation of study places and recreation spaces as efficiently as possible. For this, we’re considering creating additional recreation spaces around the faculties and study places where students could consult within the faculty.

Finally, we want to improve the recording of lectures at FHML which can currently be viewed online at home. Currently, only the PowerPoint presentation slides are recorded. We intend to provide a more holistic experience by looking for methods to record the lecturer, which could improve the understanding of instructions such as the indication of figures on a PowerPoint slide. Additionally, we intend to smoothen the acquisition of online videos. We also want to provide every lecture room of FHML with a recording system, which would offer all students the possibility to view educational material from home.