Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences.

FHML is a wonderful place where people come together to share their experiences. Within this faculty, students get the opportunity to obtain new skills, to share knowledge and to both respect and challenge each other's views. We, as candidates of DOPE, believe that we didn’t come this far by only being grateful for the present. We reached this point through our desire to improve, to question the present and to spark the flame for future innovation. Of course, ambitious speeches are for politicians and we students aim for action. Our current agenda is characterized by the following ambitions:

Inspiring internships
Currently, it’s difficult for most students to study or to do an internship abroad. We believe it is of uttermost importance that our students get the opportunity to personally develop themselves. By going abroad, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and by that develop their social skills. We aspire to facilitate the possibility of minors/internships abroad in different countries throughout the world.

Fixing Faculties
We believe some improvement can be made regarding the facilities within FHML. For example, students should have proper lunch places during the afternoon and lockers should function properly. In addition, we believe it is really important to create more waterpoints and to offer free hot water at the Mensa. Hereby, a more efficient study environment can be created.

Happy holidays
We believe students need to be rewarded with a well-deserved holiday. Currently, many programs have resits three weeks after the holidays have started. We want to make sure that the resits are not planned in the middle of the holidays.

Mensa makeover
The food that is offered in the Mensa should be affordable, sustainable and tasty. We believe the food is really expensive at this moment and therefore we want to decommercialize the current system.

Lively Lectures
Lecturers try to innervate with students via the well-known dice during the lectures. How great would it be when lectures become more interactive? By implementing patient visits, demonstrations and debates, students get actively involved in the lectures and much more can be achieved. Furthermore, we aim for better quality of the English spoken lectures and a possible feedback system, through which students can give feedback on the lectures.

We would be happy to represent you in the coming academic year. Vote DOPE!