Faculty of Law

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Law.

This year again, DOPE will be represented at the FDR for the faculty council elections. We, the five candidates, are committed to the interests of our fellow students. We aim to incorporate (more individual) feedback after assessments. The present system does not offer enough feedback for students to develop themselves academically. We intend to solve this issue by persuading the faculty staff of the importance of individual feedback. Secondly, many students have to purchase new expensive books every semester, rightfully so, perceived as a burden. Therefore, we want to look at ways to reduce the high costs associated with purchasing literature. We want to investigate whether there are more options for refurbishing books and a central system in cooperation with the library. Thirdly, we would like to optimize students' mental health by providing them with more personal counselling. Especially during the current pandemic, the mental health of the students has become of great concern. The faculty's current initiatives to provide this help have become inadequate in meeting the student's needs. We strive to make the help more personal and thereby more effective. Furthermore, the current pandemic leaves us with far too little study space, particularly for group projects. Unused classrooms should be opened up and transformed into study space. This will grant students the opportunity to discuss and work together to utilize the methods of PBL fully. We are also focused on enhancing the guidance of the tutors. Students have expressed their concerns that they feel as if some tutors are not on the same level of professionality as other tutors when it comes to students' proper tutoring and guidance. Lastly, we want to improve the communication between the faculty and students. For example, sudden adjustments close to a deadline cause much agitation among students. We want to enlighten the faculty on this issue to make their organization run more smoothly.As we’ve said, we are committed to the interests of students and we will work very hard to turn these points into reality. However, this can only be done with your vote. We hope that we’ve convinced you to vote for us as DOPE for a better faculty and a better tomorrow!