Faculty of Law

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Law.

We are Philine, Hayden, and Milan, we are representing DOPE in the upcoming Law Faculty Council elections which run from May 20th – 23th. We want to ensure that your concerns and opinions are heard and valued by the faculty council in the coming year. We want to address the high dropout rate of first year students. This is accomplished by making students aware of BSA requirements and ensuring that they have access to sufficient support. Moreover, we wish to improve communication between the faculty and the student. Transitioning from high school to university can be challenging; which is why we want to ensure that students are aware of what is expected from them and how they can succeed. We want to diversify methods of assessment by taking into account the diverse learning methods of our peers. Lastly, we believe there should be checks and balances in place with regards to the grading of papers in our faculty. That’s why we wish to implement a system allowing for second opinions on academic papers. We would love to represent all of your interest in the coming academic year and we hope that you vote DOPE in the coming faculty council elections!