University Council

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the University Council.

DOPE is excited to let your voices be heard! DOPE believes that our University does best when students are well supported, well informed, and have input in their education. DOPE represents students from all walks of life, and our lists reflect the diversity of disciplines, nationalities and interests which make UM a unique tapestry. DOPE has a strong history of positive, student-oriented change at UM, and our candidates for University Council share over twenty years of experience serving this community. Together we will continue to improve the wellbeing, education, and livelihood of students.

We know that all students need support, be that academic, mental health related, or in adjusting to a new city. That’s why we’re committed to creating and supporting a diverse network of initiatives designed to help all of our students.

We want to improve students’ lives by improving our surroundings. Take University catering for example, our food should be affordable, sustainable and delicious. We want to help UM realize its position as a social actor and address all parts of life which our University has an impact on.

We want language courses to be free for all students so that everyone can take advantage of our international community by learning a European language. We believe that internationalization is not just a statistic, instead it must include integration. Integration of Dutch and non-Dutch students, integration of students and our city, integration of our international character with our education. We must work to break down the barriers between us in order to build a stronger academic community.

In these changing times, we need UM to adapt to the world as it will be in 5 years, that’s why we want to create digital education initiatives and support innovation in education. PBL was a new idea when UM was founded in 1976, and now we need to work to adapt our contact intense education to a world in which contact is harder to come by.

We want all students to have access to quality study spaces both at UM and at home. We need sufficient and quality learning spaces at UM which are conducive to individual learning and to group work. And students need access to housing which suits their physical and budgetary needs. All of us love the work we do, would be very proud to represent you in the coming year, and kindly ask for your vote!