University Council

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the University Council.

DOPE is excited to let your voices be heard! DOPE believes that our University does best when students are well supported, well informed, and have input in their education. DOPE represents students from all walks of life, and our lists reflect the diversity of disciplines, nationalities and interests which make UM a unique tapestry.

DOPE has a strong history of positive, student-oriented change at UM, and our candidates for University Council share over twenty years of experience serving this community. Together we will continue to improve the wellbeing, education, and livelihood of students.

Our University is growing and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. We are concerned that UM is already having difficulty finding space for the students it has now. While new study spaces are always becoming available, simply placing desks and chairs in a room does not necessarily create an environment conducive to studying. We believe that the University needs to consider the quality of the spaces it produces. Quality, is multidimensional, incorporating students, the city, and the wider environment.

Our Environment
Improving students’ lives means improving our surroundings. Take University catering for example, our food should be tasty, sustainable and affordable; these are not unrealistic goals. Furthermore, UM must consider the consequences of its decision to grow: every new student will need an affordable room, not just in Scharn but in the Center as well;

Our International Education
The professionalism, qualifications and language abilities of our lecturers and tutors affects our education. While maintaining tutorial size is crucial, maintaining the excellence of learning in tutorials is even more critical. In addition, we believe that internationalization is not just a statistic, instead it must include integration. Integration of Dutch and non-Dutch students, integration of students and our city, integration of our international character with our education. We must work to break down the barriers between us in order to build a stronger academic community;

Our Wellbeing
We believe in a holistic approach to student life. Students are expected to finish their degree in three years while serving associations, committees and teams alongside; the pressure is causing students to burst. All of us love the work we do, and we want UM to provide support and guidance to help students remain balanced in all their endeavors.

We would be very proud to represent you in the coming year and ask for your vote!