University Council

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the University Council

This year, you are facing a choice. Will you vote for a sufficient university or will you vote for excellent quality of education? Will you vote for student wellbeing as a priority instead of a detail, for an ambitious sustainability strategy and for more study spaces? And will you vote for on campus education as soon as possible and still being able to enjoy the freedom that
online education has brought us with online recorded lectures? Then DOPE is ready to let your voice be heard!

1) Our #1 priority is excellent quality of education Whether our education is online or on campus, its quality must be ensured. Our online education must be improved. DOPE aims towards going back to on campus education as soon as possible for those that feel comfortable with it. Even after the corona pandemic, recorded lectures should always be available online. Furthermore, the money saved with the student loan system should be invested into the quality of our small scale education. Lastly, DOPE stands for free language courses.

2) Student wellbeing We know that all students need support, be that academic, mental health related, or in adjusting to a new city. Especially during the corona crisis, the mental health of students should be a priority of the university. This means investing in extra student psychologists and better communication about what mental health programmes the university offers. Furthermore, DOPE has noticed how the use of proctoring has resulted in unnecessary stress. The use of proctoring must be ended and DOPE is committed to having exams taking place on campus as soon as possible.

3) Sustainable university Universities have an exemplary function when it comes to sustainability. Therefore, the university should adopt an all-encompassing sustainability strategy. In such a strategy accountability, long term solutions and a critical University Council play an essential part. DOPE already started working on a more sustainable UM, by achieving a more sustainable, more delicious and cheaper catering.

4) More study places & affordable student housing The university has responsibilities to provide students and staff with well-equipped workspaces, both at UM and at home. With the increasing number of students, the lack of capacity regarding study places and affordable housing is a pressing problem. Therefore, DOPE strives towards a short and long term plan of action with solutions for the capacity problems. Last year we achieved 200 new study spaces and this year we played a role in the acquirement of the new Tapijn study spaces which prove to be a step in the right direction.

5) Extracurricular possibilities and internationalization DOPE is convinced of the immense value gained in students’ personal development from extracurricular activities. DOPE has already managed to increase the amount of money available for students who participate in board years. Next year we aim to start lobbying for a pilot with flexstudying in Maastricht; a pilot in which students can decide to pay tuition fee per ECTS when combining their studies with a board year, job, caregiving, top sport or (chronic) illness. DOPE also stands for better integration between Dutch and non-Dutch students.

6) Largest and most influential student representation party DOPE is active at all Faculty Councils. Therefore, we represent students from a diversity of disciplines, nationalities and interests and we know what is going on at your faculty. Furthermore, DOPE is the only party that is a member of ISO, the national student union, which enables us to have a voice in national policy making.

In short, DOPE is excited and ready to represent you! With lots of experience gained overthe years, DOPE knows how to achieve results. Can we count on your vote? A vote for abetter UM tomorrow!