Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences.

FHML is a wonderful place where people come together to share experiences. The experiencing of obtaining new talents, of sharing knowledge, of both respecting and challenging each other's views. The fact that this is possible is something we should cherish; however, we have not come this far by only being grateful for the present. We reached this point through our desire to always be improving, questioning the present and sparking the flame for future innovation. Throughout the faculty council the FHML student representatives strive to maintain and enhance this mindset. Of course, ambitious speeches are for politicians and we are (thank god) students, so we aim for action. Our current agenda is characterized by the following ambitions:

  • Ensuring the investment, regulation and continuation of the quality agreements money
  • Long term solutions to solve the study space problem
  • Building a new meet-up place / faculty bar
  • Reinventing the food supply and it’s prices
  • Enabling students to plan their own practicals
  • The recording of all lectures possible
  • The start and implementation of the Toilet paper
  • Compensation for travel expenses due to study related activities

The 14th of February, on Valentine, we will be hosting the ‘Empty your heart’ event. During this day of love we will have a stand in the Mensa were everyone can come to share their ideas, complaints or questions surrounding the faculty. Don’t hesitate to come and maybe you will even meet your new Valentine!