Faculty of Law

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Law.

In academic year 2020/2021, DOPE has two seats in the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law, filled by Caspar and Wouter. They are committed to the goals set by DOPE during the elections, namely improving communication between the Faculty of Law and its students, setting attention to language skills and maximizing the output of online education. Because of COVID-19, most of the academic year has been taught online. We think it is very important to guard the quality of online education and are therefore continually working on receiving feedback from student and staff about online education. During last academic year, the DOPE Faculty Council members realized a mentorship programme, in which students are assigned to a staff member that guides the students through the (tough) first year. Furthermore, we have worked together with the other DOPE members in other Faculty Councils to ensure the quality of our input in the Faculty Council and to keep our Faculty up to date. Lastly, we are very concerned about student wellbeing during COVID-times. Therefore, we are continually working together with the Faculty Board to help students get through these times by offering them options to talk about their issues and, if necessary, to offer them help.