School of Business and Economics

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the School of Business and Economics.

This year, we (Koen van Kruijsen, Robert Roosen, Bastian Mom, Simon Hageman and Lieve de Wit) have the opportunity to represent MSRP DOPE on behalf of our fellow SBE students.

We are continuously working hard on the faculty’s quality agreements. These are the agreements that the monetary funds, which were first given as a grant to each student, are now being invested in the overall improvement of education at the SBE. We as faculty council members strive to allocate these funds as fair as possible, so that the students benefit the most. Overall student guidance will be a top priority, we are striving to make tutor grading less subjective, and facilities will be upgraded for a better learning environment and to be able to receive even more students over the upcoming years.

Moreover, we are all part of the student council. We are active in the following SBE committees within the student council: Visibility committee (communication between the Student/Faculty council and our fellow students), Masters committee (improvement of interaction between master students), Sustainability committee (improving the sustainability of the SBE) & the Education committee (Improvement of the educational content). We have biweekly meetings where we have feedback rounds for each committee to make sure as many student voices as possible are heard.

Furthermore, we aim to improve communication between staff and students, but also in-between students. We are working on a more cohesive SBE, wherein students are able to get in touch with the right people without any difficulties or long waiting time. Additionally, we are working on a better complaint procedure together with the student council to ensure a better flow of complaints resulting in fairer exams and evaluations.