School of Business and Economics

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the School of Business and Economics.

This year, we (Sebastiaan van Weereld, Martijn Tülkens and Elisa van Winkel) have the opportunity to represent MSRP DOPE on behalf of our fellow SBE students.

During this counsel year we are continuously working hard to ensure the students get the best possible education whilst keeping the COVID-19 measures in check. With the situation changing rapidly, the education system is subject to change at any moment and as student representatives we strive to find the best alternative education system to ensure the quality and enjoyment of studying at the SBE. ​

Moreover, we are all part of the student council of the SBE. We are functioning in the following committees within the SBE student council: Visibility committee (communication between the Student/Faculty council and our fellow students) & Sustainability committee (improving the sustainability of the SBE). We have periodic meetings where initiatives of the various committees are discussed, and we run feedback rounds to make sure there is a constant flow of new ideas feeding the various committees.

Furthermore, we aim to improve communication between staff and students, but also between the students themselves. We are therefore working on a more cohesive SBE, where students are able to get in touch with the right staff members without any difficulties. The SBE should also be a place where student can form friendships and develop their social network, and we are therefore also emphasizing the social aspect of studying at the SBE. These initiatives are being handled by the Faculty Counsel as well as the Student Counsel of the SBE.