University Council

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE in the Unversity Council.

We, Laurens Bierens, Luc van Galen, Bram Dela Haije and Florence Senger, are proud to represent DOPE in the University Council (UC).

The UC is the most important participatory body of Maastricht University (UM) and consist of 10 students and 10 staff members. The UC has authority with regard to, among other things, the institutional plan, the students’ charter, administrative and management regulations, the maintenance of student facilities, the establishment and discontinuation of degree programmes, and regulations relating to health, safety and wellbeing. So a lot! Besides authority of the above listed subject, the UC also has advisory functions, for example with regard to the budget, the establishment of legal entities, financial participation in UM Holding BV. And restricting first enrolments, for example according to available teaching capacity.

The DOPE fraction is working hard to bargain on behalf of our voters. We try to make the life of a UM student better, so actually we work on behalf on every UM student! Our main focus in improvement of the quality of education at UM. We try to achieve that by making sure that the Quality Agreements will be followed accordingly. But also to focus on the well-being, housing and a UM app. With a better balanced, informed and focussed student, UM will improve as a university!

Most meetings of the UC are open to the public and we really value your input. In order to represent the student, we need to know the needs and vision of the student! Please contact DOPE or one of the individual members if you want to make your voice heard at UM!