Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

This year, we, Ana, Evelyne and Caitlin will be running as candidates from DOPE for FASOS faculty council.

To introduce ourselves, we are Ana, Evelyne and Caitlin, all students here at the FASoS.As DOPE we want to enable better communication between students of FASOS and thefaculty council. This is priority to assure more transparency concerning information andchanges of a course curriculum. Furthermore, we want to establish a better accessibility tocourse material, such as assigned readings made available online. We strive for clear rulesconcerning the language policies for exams. There needs to be more clarity and exposure toinformation about internships. To establish a closer and more relaxing community we want toinitiate and promote more opportunities for student integration, especially among first yearstudents, at UM. Lastly, mental wellbeing among students is priority and we want to supportthat by increasing accessibility to student psychologists or mentors. We hope that with yourhelp we will be elected and that we will get the possibility to represent you in our facultycouncil in the upcoming academic year.