Faculty of Science and Engineering

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

We are running with DOPE for this year’s Faculty Council, to represent the students of UCM, UCV, MSP, DKE and the variety of master’s programs at FSE. We strive to push FSE to be the best it can be.

DOPE has worked hard to secure many improvements in FSE; including more resources for academic advising and student counselling; the creation of the Methods Lab to support student research papers; pushing for a pilot project to record lectures and diffuse them online; and defending students interests while FSE restructures. This year, we would like to continue to serve our community, by strengthening the quality of our education, Making our facilities even more community-friendly and defending the interests of each department while FSE is restructuring.

FSE has a reputation of high quality and innovative education. However, many courses leave room for improvement. We, at DOPE, strive to empower students to fight for the quality of the education. First, we want to make the course evaluation system more transparent so that students know that their evaluation efforts are worthwhile. Second, we want to make it easier for students to voice a serious concern about a course. Third, we want to continue to push for more technological resources to improve our learning experience, such as recorded lectures.

We believe that high-quality common spaces facilitate better academic and social student experiences. We support more community-building spaces for the new buildings that will host DKE and MSP in the near future. At UCM, we aim for better maintenance of the common spaces, including the lockers,. A university cannot be community-friendly without being eco-friendly – that is why we also strive to improve the sustainability of our facilities.

Regarding faculty restructuring, the long-term independence and character of each program, have to be set in stone – we aim to defend the desires of each department so that eventually, FSE can be stronger as a whole. Additionally, we want to increase course compatibility between programs in order to give students more educational options with minimal pre-requisite issues.

DOPE is uniquely positioned to advocate your student needs as it is the largest student representation party at UM, present in almost all faculty councils, the University Council, and the nationwide student union ISO.

We, the candidates of DOPE for FSE, commit to defending your interests and making your faculty and university an ever-better place.

Anna, Magdalena, Matthieu, Merel and Ruben