School of Business and Economics

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the School of Business and Economics.

Dear fellow SBE students,

In the name of Maastricht Student Representative Party DOPE, we are running for the faculty council of the School of Business and Economics. We are highly motivated to improve certain aspects of our faculty and to make sure your voice is being heard. We strive for achieving the valuable position to change and improve your education and study experience. We will be involved in study related decision-making about our faculty. This year we possess 4 out of 5 seats in the faculty council. This enabled us to implement multiple improvements. In the upcoming year we want to continue making valuable changes.

First of all, we are aware of the scarcity of learning spaces at the libraries, whilst learning spaces within the SBE remain unused. In our opinion this could be improved by increasing the availability of these rooms and expanding the opening hours. Furthermore, we are convinced that the facilities inside the tutorial rooms have to be improved as well. For instance the amount of sockets should be increased and coat rackets should be placed.

In addition, we noticed significant differences among the quality of tutoring. We believe tutors need clearer guidelines regarding the content of their tutorials and objectivity of their grading. It should be clear what level of involvement in the tutorial is expected for both tutor and students.

Moreover, we want to tackle the difficulty of switching between particular tutorials when a timeslot does not fit in your personal schedule. From our perspective there should be more flexibility regarding altering timetables.

Last of all, we want to be more critical towards the well-known PBL-system. The current system does not fit every single course and therefore it is necessary improve it. We intend to make sure that it is valuable for every course.

We want to end with reminding you that you as a student have the power to make your voice heard. To make a change in the SBE, vote for us, vote for DOPE!