School of Business and Economics

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the School of Business and Economics

This year, DOPE will again be represented in the SBE faculty council election. We, the eightcandidates, will thus be representing the interests of our fellow students of the SBE!Firstly, we are aiming to enhance the overall educational quality at the SBE. Currently,students encounter various educational problems, with a frequently mentioned oneconcerning the quality of the tutors. The problems students encounter with the tutors canoften be avoided if the screening process of the tutors would have been adjusted to not onlytake the grades of the tutor into account, but also the actual knowledge of the courses he orshe will be teaching.

Secondly, we want to focus on the promotion of social integration amongst students. Withthe COVID-19 pandemic still playing a big role in our lives, the lack of social interaction istaking a toll on students. We plan to organize various activities such as sports days andworkshops to give students the opportunity to meet peers and widen their social network.Thirdly, we want to provide a practical guide for first year’s students, which will contain somegeneral information about the university, as well as some tips and tricks from students. Thisguide will decrease the gap between high school and university and will ensure a smoothertransition for new students!

Fourthly, we strive to improve the efficiency of study places within our faculty. To achievethis, we plan to extensively promote the reservation system of tutorial rooms at SBE,something a lot of students are not familiar with. This will enable students to have a broaderchoice of studying environments and will increase the effectiveness of the campus.Moreover, we are also planning to reorganize today's current spatial planning at SBE to usethe available room more effectively.

Finally, we aim to decrease the cost for the students of the SBE. This can firstly be done bylowering the cafeteria costs, which will allow for more students to socialize in the cafeteriawhilst enjoying affordable meals with their peers. Secondly, we would also like to change theway students are obligated to buy online platforms to obtain bonus points for certain coursessince these platforms are often expensive and only used for one course.

With the above-stated points we aim to represent every single student and contribute to a better study and social environment at the SBE!