School of Business and Economics

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the School of Business and Economics.

Dear fellow SBE students,

As candidates for the upcoming elections for the Faculty Counsel of the School of Business and Economics, we (Sebastiaan van Weereld, Elisa van Winkel, Luc de Rouw and Martijn Tulkens ) strive to improve our faculty in order for it to achieve the highest educational quality and provide the best study experience for its students. To achieve this, we formulated several concrete goals:

First of all, we want to create more availability of study spaces, so students don’t have to stand in line for the library anymore! Creating more spaces and having more students work in a better learning environment will also increase productivity and overall performance.

Secondly, our aim is to enhance the tutor quality. A high level of tutoring will not only improve the overall tutorials and courses, it will also ensure students are well-prepared for the exams and eventually the business world.

In addition, we want to reduce the food prizes at the cafeteria. We notice that a lot of students choose not to buy products at the cafeteria due to the high prizes, therefore we want to reduce those prices.

Furthermore, we desire to optimize the PBL system. Due to the fact that the PBL system does not always function optimally for certain courses, we target to alter the layout for those courses to make sure the effect of the PBL system will be maximized.

Another point we will address are the facilities within tutorial rooms. The number of outlets and coat hangers per tutorial room should be increased for convenience purposes, and it will also smoothen the course of the tutorials.

We also aim to revise the skills periods to create more academic value and give students the opportunity and freedom to work on skills they deem to be important. This will also increase the overall quality and academic level of the programs the SBE has to offer.

Lastly, we aspire to strengthen the SBE Community to make sure the student’s relationships will be enhance and reinforced. The relationships between students is not only of paramount importance during the tutorials but is also advantageous during extracurricular activities.

We as representatives of DOPE are extremely motivated to represent our students in the SBE Faculty Council and make sure the voices of all the students will be heard. Make sure you vote DOPE during the elections that take place on 25th – 28th March!