Faculty of Science and Engineering

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the faculty of Science and Engineering.

So far this year, the members of DOPE (Ruben Dominguez Payne, Merel van Benthem, Magdalena Weber & Anna Heckhausen) have had the pleasure to represent the students of FSE in the Faculty Council. We have ultimately been ensuring that the vision of the Faculty Board (to evolve FSE from an incubator faculty to a well-structured, modern faculty) is in line with the necessities of existing students and staff.

One of the ways that we have done this, is by establishing the Student Council for the first time where all the student representatives from the faculty come to share knowledge on how each of the departments function and better understand what we should be pushing for in Faculty Council. We have also hired a second Student Assessor to represent the students in the Faculty Board Meetings and act as the Chair of the Student Council. The success of this council will be determined by the year to come.

Furthermore, we have been fighting to improve the general situation for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses. There are several upcoming meetings planned that we hope will provide something fruitful.

Additionally, this year we aim to strengthen the legitimacy of the election of EPC members, adopt a culture of recording lectures to facilitate student learning (as is done in other faculties), and ensuring the smooth transition of two of our departments to their new building in Randwyck.