Faculty of Science and Engineering

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the faculty of Science and Engineering.

So far this year, the members of DOPE (Rozemarijn, Marijn and Nina) have had the pleasure to represent the students of FSE in the Faculty Council. We have ultimately been ensuring that the vision of the Faculty Board (to evolve FSE from an incubator faculty to a well- structured, modern faculty) is in line with the necessities of existing students and staff. Due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, the desired goals we made prior to the academic year are on hold, since they were mostly focussed on improving on-site learning. However, throughout the faculty council-meetings we have pursued to improve the online learning environment for both students and professors. Especially in the current times, we are having a critical look at the budget and we are making sure that the money gets spend in favor of the students.

In addition, due to a new study program (Business Engineering) a new committee was started. This committee is a combination of the SBE and FSE faculty, since Business Engineering is a shared program. Nina, one of the DOPE representatives is part of this committee to keep up with the developments and make sure that the whole team is up to date.

Our goals for the upcoming semester are to continue to develop the recordings of lectures, even when the lectures return to the original format (on-site). The current circumstances surrounding Covid-19 should aid us in emphasizing the importance of well structured online learning facilities. Moreover, we want to focus on mental health as well, as we believe that this is always relevant but in times of Covid-19 might be especially worth emphasizing.