Science and Engineering

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Science and Engineering

Let us first briefly introduce ourselves. We are Emma, Alice, Noelle, Rozemarijn and Juliet,all students at the FSE. With our diverse backgrounds in different study programmes, likeData Science and Artificial Intelligence and University College Maastricht – we believe tohave a deep and complete understanding of our beautiful faculty.</p>Yet, we believe that the Faculty of Science and Engineering can still be improved on certainaspects. First of all, with all the covid fuzz in the back of our minds, we believe it is of utterimportance to reconnect students with each other. To guide this process as smoothly aspossible, we would like to provide opportunities for a ‘meet your fellow student’ re-integration process. Since we have had mostly online education in the past year, it has beendifficult to meet other students of the faculty. Especially for the first years, who are new inMaastricht and might not know a lot of people in the city, this could have resulted in a roughstart of their student-life. A re-integration trajectory would make it easier to meet your peers.Opening the faculty doors to FSE students would also help with that. As we believe that ourfaculty has enough space to safely open, it would be both practical and enjoyable to open thedoors of FSE for study places. Studying cannot solely be done at home in a small bedroom.Having a different environment to study at helps with concentration and motivation, as wellas it will improve the mental health and wellbeing of students. Moreover, we would like toencourage tutors and examinators to create more interactive ways of examining students.Most of our grades depend on a final exam for which students’ study for, but don’t gainpractical experience of. Engaging more with the study material in a practical manner resultsin better long-term knowledge. With regards to practical experience, we would like tofacilitate having master classes to prepare and inform students for the job market. This willprepare students for their life after university. Another thing we want to focus on is to createan environmentally friendly and sustainable faculty. It’s a crucial current subject and ourfaculty should also contribute to this. Lastly, we think that online education did offer somepositive things that should be incorporated when on-campus education is possible again.Continue having recorded lectures available being the most important one. This way, studentscan follow the lectures at a time that suits them and don’t have to worry about missing alecture, thus improving the overall quality of education.Times are not easy for anybody: neither students nor tutors. But we believe that with sharedknowledge, open communication, and careful listening we can together further improveeducation at FSE and enjoyability for every student! We, Emma, Alice, Noelle, Rozemarijnand Juliet are willing to fight for and represent the voices of our fellow FSE students. We​hope to receive your vote during the elections week and look forward to all activelyparticipate as Faculty Council members at FSE!