Faculty of Science and Engineering

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the faculty of Science and Engineering.

So far this year, we have had the pleasure to represent the students of FSE in the Faculty Council. We have ultimately been ensuring that the vision of the Faculty Board , which is to evolve FSE from an incubator faculty to a well- structured, modern faculty), is in line with the necessities of existing students and staff. This is done by having an in-depth look at the budget, ask critical questions and make sure that the money gets spend in favor of the students. Additionally, we keep demanding clarity on the constantly changing COVID-19 regulations as installed by the university.

This year, we also tried to continue the work on improving mental health amongst students. Together with other student faculty council, Emma has founded a new committee, which focuses on mapping out the existing mental health infrastructure within UM and how this infrastructure can be improved on faculty wide level.

Further goals for the upcoming semester are to have a deeper look into the growth plans of FSE. These plans seem to conflict with pressing issues directly linked to student well-being, such as housing and quality education. Therefore, Emma’s goal is to ask critical and direct questions to the faculty board members to demand quality education at all times.